30 Things You Never Wanted to Know

  1. I never thought I'd get married or have kids. I wanted to be a Crazy Cat Lady, but with dogs instead of cats, and live in the country in an old farmhouse.
  2. I wound up marrying the greatest guy ever.
  3. We have two boys, no dogs, and live in a regular house in a regular suburb.
  4. But we do have a bearded dragon, and I am totally in love with him. So I'm the Crazy Lizard Lady now.
  5. I would be perfectly happy if I only ever saw my husband & kids (that doesn't mean I don't love my friends .... I just happen to really, really enjoy my family).
  6. I hate wearing sunglasses.
  7. I'm usually about 30 pounds overweight, and usually couldn't care less.
  8. But someday I would like to have a slim enough body to wear a geeky T-shirt & jeans every day and not ever have to come up with a Cute Outfit to disguise Problem Areas.
  9. I look way more proper than I am. It constantly entertains me. I laugh inside when I'm at a PTA meeting or helping out at my boys' school. "Oh man, if they only knew what a goober I am!"
  10. I change my hair way too often. Its almost embarrassing.
  11. I could live off chips (preferably orange ones such as Doritos, Cheetos, and sour cream & cheddar Ruffles). This is the reason for item #7.
  12. I love coffee and Diet Coke. Gotta have something to wash down all those chips.
  13. I also would be happy eating McDonalds for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And I'm not ashamed to admit it.
  14. I experience digestive troubles on a regular basis (see items 11-13).
  15. I'd prefer to spend all day building things with Legos while watching Star Wars (episodes 4-6 only) with my boys, instead of doing responsible Mom things.
  16. But I also love to decorate, DIY, & craft.
  17. I just don't like the boring aspects of housekeeping such as meal planning, cooking, laundry, ironing, and anything involving scrubbing. I am working on improving my attitude in these areas.
  18. I adore having boys and have never wished for a daughter.
  19. My husband would love to have a daughter.
  20. But we aren't having any more kids.
  21. I'm not really a baby person. Or a kid person, for that matter. But I like my kids and those I'm related to, and a handful of others.
  22. I don't understand why cereal is not an acceptable dinner.
  23. I absolutely LOVE lists. I like writing them, reading them, and checking things off.
  24. I have selective OCD. I couldn't care less if the floors are dirty, but I can totally tell if someone has used my shampoo.
  25. I worry a lot about things that don't matter in the slightest. Like decorating. And my hair.
  26. I hate mustard.
  27. I love to eat ice. Most everyone is annoyed by this. But I can't stop. I know which restaurants have the best ice and which grocery stores carry the kinds I like. During each of my pregnancies I would eat an entire 7-lb. bag of party ice every day.
  28. I love to read and will gladly stay up until 4am reading a book I've read numerous times.
  29. I really don't think I will ever be a true grown-up. My mom asks me about this all the time. "When are you going to become a grown-up?" She means this in a loving way, of course. I think.
  30. My husband is my best friend and I love him more & more every single day. And I'm guessing this list will disturb and/or embarrass him.

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