Hi! I'm Lauren, and I'm really glad you're here. Prepare to be horrified at the things that come out of my mouth. I pride myself on tellin' it like it is! Momthentic = a mom who is authentic. This is not a blog where you will find perfectly staged photos of our perfect life. Because we don't roll like that around here. The only time you'll see a staged photo is when I deliberately need to stage something, like if I'm throwing a party. Now that we've got that straight, here's a little bit about me and why I created this blog.

I live with my cute husband and our two adorable, loud, awesome boys in a regular 1980s house in a small town in the greater Seattle area.

Family selfie in the car - the only time we ever take family photos.
I'm starting to get an old lady turkey neck! Sweet!
And our younger son always has to make a face.

I LOVE being a mom. My kids are seriously my favorite people. Having kids was not in our master plan, but oh. my. word. When I look at our boys, I am sooooo grateful they came along. I was meant to be a Boy Mom. Its the best job ever. I get to spend my days watching Star Wars and building things with Legos and making hilarious videos with the Helium Booth app. Being a boy mom means you get to watch Adventure Time and go to the demolition derby and eat mini corn dogs for dinner if you want to. It means having the loudest house in the neighborhood and the messiest yard, full of bikes, scooters, and lightsabers. It means emailing the Magic Eraser company to tell them what a great job their product does removing boogers from walls (and they totally wrote back BTW). It means being adored by a houseful of delicious menfolk. It means being told "don't lose weight Mommy, I like you all squishy and snuggly." Nothing could be better.

But honestly, when I have to do the proper Grown-Up Stuff like meal plan and fold clothes and keep the linen closet organized, I feel like a complete imposter. Like a little girl clomping around in her mom's high heels, playing house. Who am I, and how did I get this life?! Once of these days somebody is going to find out what an idiot I am!

This blog is my place to share funny stories of our life. The ups & downs of being a mom. The messes and the joys. And sometimes, the dinners and the projects and what we're doing to our house. Basically, a little bit of everything. Oh .. another thing you WON'T see here: anything to do with fashion. I am an overweight mom of little boys, so usually I'm wearing something I shouldn't be caught dead in (like the time I wore See-Thru Pants to McDonalds). I like clothes as much as the next girl, but not enough to blog about it.

There you have it! Thanks for stopping by!
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